Top 5-star hotels in Halong

For luxury vacation trips to Ha Long, most tourists will choose an overnight cruise to enjoy the beauty of Halong Bay. However,  the 5-star hotels in Halong city are also ideal spots to stay. You will have the chance to fully enjoy the local life, taste authentic food and stay comfortable on the shore of Ha Long Bay.

In this article, Vi Vu Ha Long will review the 5-star hotels in Ha Long, which can help you find a suitable hotel for your trip.

Choosing 5-star hotels in Ha Long 

If you are already familiar with the terrain here, you will know that Ha Long divides into three main areas, including Tuan Chau, Bai Chay, and Hon Gai. It is why 5-star hotels allocate according to specific regions.

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The 4 – 5-star hotel at Tuan Chau area


Tuan Chau is the largest entertainment area in Ha Long with many beautiful landscapes. It is known as a popular and favorite destination for vacationers. The hotel’s advantage is airy and quiet space. You can enjoy the poetic and majestic scenery of the sea. There are some famous 5-star hotels here:


  • Paradise Suites Hotel
  • Lapaz Resort Tuan Chau
  • Morning Star Hotel

Tuan Chau island

The 4- 5-star hotel at Bai Chay area


Bai Chay is the tourist center of Ha Long with the intense development of hotels and motels. Visitors will be immersed in the lively nightlife: Ha Long night market, Bai Chay Bridge, SunWorld Complex. There are five famous hotels in Bai Chay area:

  • Vinpearl Halong Resort
  • Wyndham Legend Halong Hotel
  • Royal Lotus Halong Hotel
  • Novotel Halong
  • Muong Thanh Ha Long Hotel
Bai Chay
View from hotel in Bai Chay

The 4 – 5-star hotel at Hon Gai area


Tourism accommodation and activities in Hon Gai have not developed in the last few years. Accommodation services are mainly affordable guesthouses, mid-range hotels, 2 – 3-star hotels. There are two 4 – 5 stars hotels in Hon Gai: 


  • FLC Grand
  • Halong DC Hotel

Things to do Halong Bai tho mountain

Top 5-star hotels in Ha Long


Vinpearl Halong Resort

  • Address: Reu island – Bai Chay – Ha Long – Quang Ninh (Map)
  • Reference price: from 2,900,000 VND / room / night

Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort locates on the island of Reu – one of the most pristine and beautiful islands in Ha Long with a total area of ​​47,000 square meters. It is a lovely beach resort with premium service, modern facilities, and many attractive facilities.

All rooms at Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort are of the international standards, bringing the best experience entirely. Each room has a private balcony with sea view. Therefore, the tropical garden is full types of plants and beautiful swimming pools. With 5-star utility services with luxurious architecture, Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort will give you different experiences.

Especially from Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort, you can move to the famous landscapes quickly. You can enjoy the airy nature with the top of the class services.

Vinpearl Halong Hotel
Vinpearl Halong Hotel

Wyndham Halong Hotel 

  • Address: 12 Ha Long Road – Bai Chay – Ha Long – Quang Ninh  (Map)
  • Reference price: from VND 2,500,000 / room / night


The 5-star Wyndham Ha Long Hotel is world-class.


Wyndham Halong is a 5-star hotel, located on the most beautiful coastline of Ha Long. It is also the 1st 5-star of Wyndham Brand. With a perfect location, you can cover the whole beautiful scenes of Ha Long Bay such as Bai Chay Bridge, SunWorld complex at night.

The hotel has ample space with 217 rooms from standard to luxury along with the area of restaurants, conference room, outdoor pool. Wyndham Halong brings the service experiences of the world-class and meets the needs of tourists.

Wyndham Halong Hotel
Wyndham Halong Hotel in Bai Chay 

FLC Grand Ha Long 


  • Address: Cot 3 – Cot 8 – Hong Ha – Hon Gai – Ha Long  (Map)
  • Reference price: from 2,600,000 VND / room / night


FLC Grand Hotel Halong belongs to the FLC Halong Bay Golf Club & Luxury resort complex. It is an international-class resort of the 5-star standard with the infrastructure system and the synchronous utility services.

FLC Grand Hotel Halong consists of 649 rooms with sweeping views of the splendid Halong Bay. Each room decorates with two primary white – green colors inspired by the sea. It helps you feel relaxed, confirming the level of luxury resorts.

Located in the resort FLC Halong Bay Golf Club & Luxury, FLC Grand Ha Long Hotel also inherits the overall utilities of the whole project. Besides, basic needs such as rest, shopping, health care, entertainment service. 

FLC Grand Halong Hotel
FLC Grand Halong Hotel

Paradise Suite & Trend Hotel


  • Address: Ngoc Chau – Tuan Chau – Ha Long – Quang Ninh  (Map)
  • Reference price: from VND 2,100,000 / room / night


Paradise Suite & Trend hotel offers the French Boutique style

When booking a room at Paradise Suites & Trend, you will have the chance to have a great experience. One of the typical activities of the hotel is Spa treatment, outdoor swimming pool, relaxing massage, children’s play area.

Paradise Suite Hotel
Paradise Suite Hotel in Tuan Chau island 

Muong Thanh Halong Hotel

  • Address: Ha Long Road – Bai Chay – Ha Long – Quang Ninh (Map)
  • Reference price: from VND 2,000,000 / room / night


Muong Thanh Hotel locates in the middle of Bai Chay tourist area. From here, you can observe and enjoy the panoramic view of Halong Bay. Muong Thanh deserves to be a comfortable resting place worthy of class. It will be a great experience on your trip and business.

Muong Thanh Hotel in Bai Chay, Halong
Muong Thanh Hotel in Bai Chay, Halong


Novotel Halong Hotel 

  • Address: 160 Ha Long Road – Bai Chay – Ha Long – Quang Ninh (Map)
  • Reference price: from VND 2,000,000 / room / night
Novotel Halong Hotel
Novotel Halong Hotel in Bai Chay 

Novotel Halong Hotel locates next to Bai Chay Beach, which nears Sun World Ha Long Park. Novotel Ha Long with the class level will bring the most convenient and perfect services for you.

The hotel consists of 225 rooms, from the standard rooms to the superior rooms. You can see the breath-taking view of Halong Bay above from here. Besides, other utility services are also highly appreciated.

If you are planning to stay for a visit to Ha Long, you should consider these recommendations. I am sure that you will have the best time and experiences here.