Review of Discovery Cat Ba Bus Service

Discovery Cat Ba Bus is one of the largest operating bus services in the Northern region currently. The Discovery Cat Ba buses offer high-quality vehicles, spacious seating, reasonable prices, and professional transportation services with a well-trained team. Explore the details of Discovery Cat Ba Bus with Onevivu in the content below!

Overview of Discovery Cat Ba Bus Service

Cat Ba Discovery Bus is a business operation under the umbrella of the Cat Ba Discovery Joint Stock Company. This company provides a variety of high-end bus and tour options to cater to both domestic and international tourists visiting Cat Ba.

Discovery Cat Ba Bus Service
Discovery Cat Ba Bus Service

Ticket Prices

Discovery Cat Ba Bus offers the following ticket prices for the Cat Ba route: 320,000 VND per person for a one-way trip. Departures from Hanoi are scheduled at 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM, and 2:00 PM.

Children under 4 years old and below 1 meter in height will enjoy a completely free bus ticket. If children are under 4 years old but exceed the height of 1 meter, the ticket price will be calculated at 100% of the adult fare.


Route and Schedule

The Hanoi – Cat Ba – Hanoi tickets from Cat Ba Discovery Bus will follow the schedule outlined below:

  • The bus will pick up passengers from various areas in Hanoi and travel to Got Pier via the new expressway 5B and the Tan Bridge.
  • Upon reaching Got Pier, passengers will board a ferry to Cai Vieng Pier.
  • From Cai Vieng, Discovery Cat Ba Bus will transport passengers to the center of Cat Ba town.
  • Depending on the pre-registered location of each passenger, Discovery Cat Ba will drop you off at the specified point.

Upon ticket reservation, the system will provide you with the specific schedule and route. Additionally, you can find more detailed schedules and routes on the Discovery Cat Ba Bus website.

Types of Vehicles

For the Hanoi – Cat Ba route, Discovery Cat Ba Bus uses modern 45-seat Hyundai buses. These new 45-seat buses are designed with spacious seating, clean and odor-free interiors.

The seats are wide to accommodate foreign passengers comfortably. The buses are equipped with amenities such as drinking water, cold towels, air conditioning, TV, and WiFi to cater to passengers’ needs.

The vehicles for Discovery Cat Ba’s routes to Cat Ba may vary based on the route, schedule, and geographical distance. Discovery Cat Ba also offers premium limousines and a diverse range of 22 to 35-seat buses.

Discovery Cat Ba Bus Service
Discovery Cat Ba Bus Service
Discovery Cat Ba Bus Service
Discovery Cat Ba Bus Service

Pros and Cons of Discovery Cat Ba

Discovery Cat Ba Bus is currently the most renowned travel company in the Northern region. When using Discovery Cat Ba Bus, you will experience numerous benefits, such as:

  • The bus provides top-quality passenger transportation services in the Northern region. The drivers are attentive, enthusiastic, professionally trained, and familiar with every route from Hanoi to Cat Ba, ensuring a sense of safety and smooth travel to Cat Ba.
  • Discovery Cat Ba Bus offers attractive additional services. As part of the Cat Ba tourism business, you can purchase additional services and Cat Ba tour packages at competitive prices.
  • The buses run on the right route, on time, and have multiple departure times, making it easy for you to choose a suitable time frame.
  • The Discovery Cat Ba ticket booking system is professional and supports quick online reservations.
  • The fleet consists of premium vehicles equipped with modern amenities and various advanced technological applications.

However, the main drawback of Discovery Cat Ba Bus is that its ticket prices are higher than other tourist bus services. Nevertheless, the quality of service provided by this company justifies the cost.

Considerations When Booking Tickets with Discovery Cat Ba

When booking tickets with Discovery Cat Ba, pay attention to the following:

  • Provide accurate information and verify authenticity for the convenience of the bus company in flexible pick-up and drop-off arrangements.
  • If you wish to change your scheduled trip to Cat Ba to a different time, contact the bus company as early as possible.
  • Regularly check Discovery Cat Ba’s ticket promotions for potential discounts.
  • Contact Discovery Cat Ba if you need to rent an entire bus for transportation with a large group, such as a company outing.
  • If traveling to Cat Ba for tourism, research the weather in advance to avoid situations where you might experience bad weather and miss out on the scenic landscapes and unique cuisine.
  • To prevent luggage mix-ups, consider adding the passenger’s name or external identification marks to your suitcase.

We hope that the Discovery Cat Ba Bus review we shared provides interesting information for you. Wishing you a journey to Cat Ba filled with good health, excitement, and the opportunity to experience the unique landscapes and cuisine of this destination!

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