Top 10 Lan Ha Bay luxury cruise for your vacation in Vietnam

Lan Ha Bay is so amazing with its pristine and majestic beauty. The best way to enjoy the seascapes and immerse in nature here is to take a Lan Ha Bay cruise and have a trip to this destination. There are a lot of cruise operators offering luxury overnight vacations on Lan Ha Bay. Follow this article and find the best cruise for your vacation in Vietnam! 

Why Lan Ha Bay cruise?

Lan Ha Bay is in the southern part of Halong Bay, near Cat Ba island where you can enjoy the pristine landscape and less touristed than the popular route in Halong Bay center.

Joining a Lan Ha Bay cruise means you can take part in many activities to be happy all day long. Some great activities tourists can join in are kayaking, visiting Dark and Bright cave, adventuring Cat Ba island, cycling through the forest, swimming, squid fishing, etc. 

More than that, luxurious cruises even give you many interesting experiences, including learning how to cook Vietnamese food, doing yoga fitness, sunset parties with good tea, Tai Chi lessons in the morning, and many other great things waiting for you to discover. 

Booking a cruise even offers good accommodation, modern facilities with a sundeck, a swimming pool, an amazing restaurant, a good cabin with an amazing view through the glass window, and so on. The services are all qualified and you can be safe if there is any bad situation. 

If you wonder which cruise to choose to visit the bay, we can give you some advice, by following this article. In each part, you can be given detailed information about the cabins, facilities, special activities, and prices for different cruises to choose one suitable. 

Sunset on Lan Ha Bay
Sunset on Lan Ha Bay

Heritage cruise, the Vietnamese cultural cruising vessel 

  • Price: from 215 US $/person ( 2 persons/cabin) 
  • Facilities: sundeck & La Piscine, L’Art de l’Annam, White lotus spa, Bach Thai Buoi Library, Van Don shop, Artful lobby lounge, gym, Bach Dang wine cellar, Le Tonkin restaurant, L’Indochine Restaurant, Pool bar, outdoor lounges, and Indoor Hong Kong Lounge.
  • Number of cabins: 20
  • Cruising route: Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay
  • Visiting sites: Tuan Chau Marina, Da Chong islet, Ba Trai Dao Beach/ Tra Bau
  • Special activities and experiences: exploring caves, kayaking, bamboo-boat riding, swimming, cooking class, squid fishing, Vovinam exercise, and musical entertainment.

Heritage Binh Chuan Cruise follows a legendary 100-year-old ship made by the Vietnamese. This is a high-qualified cruise in Lan Ha Bay, suitable for lovebirds. The cruise will bring you to the Cat Ba archipelago, Ba Tra Dao beach, and the pristine Da Chong islet. Tourists can take part in a lot of fun activities such as cooking classes, Vovinam lessons, and squid fishing. 

Du thuyền Heritage Bình Chuẩn
Heritage Binh Chuan Cruise, a Vietnamese traditional vessel

Adela Cruise, the boutique cruise on Lan Ha Bay 

  • Price: from 155 US $/person ( 2 persons/cabin) 
  • Facilities: 3 decks, Perla Dawn Bar & Restaurant, sp & wellness room, 1 sundeck.
  • Number of cabins: 18
  • Cruising route: Tuan Chau Marina – Lan Ha Bay
  • Visiting sites: Trau Bau, Bright Cave, Tuan Chau Marina, 
  • Special activities and experiences: Bright cave exploring, Tai Chi session, kayaking to Tra Bau area, sunset party, Happy hour, squid fishing, swimming.

Adela Boutique Cruise impressed tourists with its traditional and cozy design with wooden furniture. The Dawn Bar & Restaurant own panoramic views for you to take pictures around. The cruise will take tourists to Trau Bau area, and after that, you can visit Bright cave to discover. One interesting activity to take part in is joining Tai Chi sessions with other passengers on the cruise. 

Du thuyền Adela Boutique 18 phòng
Adela Boutique Cruise

Capella Cruise, the entertaining luxury cruise 

  • Price: from 199 US $/person ( 2 persons/cabin) 
  • Facilities: Harmony of the Sea restaurant, Spirit of the Sea Lounge, the heated Oasis Pool with Jacuzzi, floating Ocean Pool, Sea Memory Spa, Cigar & Poker Club, Ocean Sky Sundeck, waterslide, fitness room, mini-golf area, karaoke room, 
  • Number of cabins: 30
  • Cruising route: Tuan Chau – Lan Hay Bay – Ao Each – Bright cave 
  • Visiting sites: Tuan Chau Pier, Dark and Bright cave, Ao Ech, Lan Ha Bay
  • Special activities and experiences: kayaking, visiting Dark and Bright caves, sunset parties, happy hours, squid fishing, Tai-chi exercise, etc.

Capella cruise is a good choice for a holiday with your family. It is friendly to passengers, with so many onboard and off-boat activities such as sunset parties, swimming in the heated pool, and getting fun trying squid fishing. More than that, tourists can try the inflatable water slide, entertain in the poker club, and sing in a karaoke room. After that, the whole family can visit Each Lagoon and Bright cave on a bamboo boat.

Du thuyền Capella Vịnh Lan Hạ
The Capella cruise

Scarlet Pearl Cruise, the luxury yacht 

  • Price: from 185 US $/person ( 2 persons/cabin) 
  • Facilities: Tahiti Restaurant, Akoya Spa, Bar Bistro, Pearl Museum, gym, sundeck.
  • Number of cabins: 23
  • Cruising route: Lan Ha Bay – Bright Cave – Tra Bau area… 
  • Visiting sites: Frog lake, Bright cave
  • Special activities and experiences: kayaking, sunbathing, yoga class, boat sailing, dawn viewing, village exploring, Tai Chi session, Bright cave exploring, and visiting Ech Lagoon.

The Scarlet Pearl cruise is a beautiful cruise for lovebirds with secluded settings. The operator offers delicious seafood, a breathtaking night view, morning yoga classes, the Pearl museum, and Scarlet Pearl’s Akoya Spa. This Lan Ha Bay cruise will take you to Ao Ech and Ba Trai Dao Beach. Tourists can enjoy taking photos, swimming, kayaking, and squid fishing at night. 

>> More detail of this cruise:

Du thuyền Scarlet Pearl
The Scarlet Pearl Cruise

Indochine Cruise, the Tonkin cruiser 

  • Price: From 195 US$/ person ( 2 persons/cabin) 
  • Facilities: Cochinchine Lounge, ‘Tonkin’ restaurant, Spa & Gym, bar, sundeck. 
  • The number of cabins: 43
  • Cruising route: Tuan Chau – Lan Ha Bay – Viet Hai village – Dark and Bright cave
  • Visiting sites: Viet Hai village, Dark and Bright cave
  • Special activities and experiences: fishing village exploring, kayaking, swimming, cave discovering, visiting Viet Hai village, squid fishing, sunset party, cooking class, massaging, Night-Time Serenity, Tai Chi lesson. 

Indochine cruise includes 43 large rooms and all rooms are designed in Asian style. Each room has colorful paintings decorated on the ceiling, and bold art.

All the cabins are luxurious, the decoration is influenced by French architecture with arched doors, decorative lanterns, and a typical bronze-painted balustrade.
In addition, each room will have furniture such as tables and chairs made from high-value, durable cedar wood, with its own scent, making a difference.

Du thuyền Indochine với tầng thượng rất rộng
The Indochine Cruise

Le Theatre Cruise, luxury theater on Lan Ha Bay 

  • Price: From 175 US$/ person ( 2 persons/cabin) 
  • Facilities: Le Opera restaurant, sundeck, Le Spa, Le Piano Lounge
  • The number of cabins: 21 
  • Cruising route: Tuan Chau – Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay  
  •  Visiting sites: Ao Ech, Dark & Bright cave, Tuan Chau Pier
  • Special activities and experiences: sunset party, cooking class, cave exploring, kayaking, swimming, Tai Chi session, watching the sunset. 

Le Theatre Cruise is a luxury one, which is worth it for its modern furnishings and services. All staff is friendly and this is a good choice for a family holiday with children. All members can relax at the shallow pool, enjoy a meal with a good menu and learn how to cook Vietnamese on the boat. On the trip, you can visit Viet Hai village, the Bright cave exploring experience. 

Du thuyền Le Theatre trên Vịnh Lan Hạ
Le Theatre Cruise

Mon Cheri cruise

  • Price: From 175 US$/ person ( 2 persons/cabin) 
  • Facilities: sundeck, karaoke room, mini pool, golf area, outdoor jacuzzi, Mon Cheri’s restaurant.
  • Number of cabins: 42
  • Cruising route: Tuan Chau – Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay
  • Visiting sites: Frog Lake, Dark and Bright cave, Tuan Chau ferry, Lan Ha Bay
  • Special activities and experiences: playing golf, swimming, cooking class, squid fishing, kayaking, sunset party.

Mon Cheri Cruise is a luxury cruise with delicious cuisine. It is friendly to families with many cabins offering 2 bedrooms, a private balcony, and a seating area. The cruise is designed in Vietnamese style with classic European form, clean, and very rustic. On the tour, passengers can visit Bright cave on a bamboo boat and explore Ao Ech area in Lan Ha Bay.

Mon Cheri Cruise II
Mon Cheri Cruise

Stellar of the Sea cruise, top-notch luxury cruise 

  • Price: From 235 US$/ person ( 2 persons/cabin) 
  • Facilities: wine cellar, sundeck, mini golf course, outdoor pool, fitness area, romantic dining room, panoramic bar, spa & massage room, 
  • Number of cabins: 22
  • Cruising route: Ha Noi – Tuan Chau – Ha Long Bay – Lan Ha Bay – Dark and Bright Cave
  • Visiting sites: Tuan Chau Pier, Lan Ha Bay, Dark, and Bright cave
  • Special activities and experiences: cave exploring, swimming, kayaking, sunset party, sunbathing, Tai Chi session, cooking class, board games, squid fishing, and BBQ dinner. 

Stellar of the Sea is a luxury cruise for lovebirds, with amazing itineraries to comfort passengers. Tourists can visit Dark and Bright Cave and enjoy swimming in the lagoon with nature. The cruise has romantic settings, suitable for lovebirds to have a sweet honeymoon. The couples can both enjoy the sunset together and visit the wine cellar during the trip. 

Du thuyền Stellar of the Sea trên Vịnh Lan Hạ
The Stellar of the Sea Cruise on Lan Ha Bay

La Casta cruise 

  • Price: From 145 US$/ person ( 2 persons/cabin) 
  • Facilities: sundeck, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, spa & gym room.
  • Number of cabins: 24
  • Cruising route: Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay
  • Visiting sites: Skull island/ Frog Pond, Thumb islet, Gia Luan Harbour, Duck islet, 
  • Special activities and experiences: kayaking, sunset party, happy hour, cooking lesson, swimming, sunbathing, cave exploring, squid fishing, and board games.

La Casta cruise is a great choice to save on your budget. At the price of 123$/person, a passenger can experience Lan Ha Bay’s beauty while cruising through Duck islet, Thum islet, Skull island/ Frog Pond, and Gia Luan harbor. At night, tourists can enjoy a good meal with fresh seafood, watch the stars or play chess and many other board games.

La Casta Cruise
La Casta Cruise

With this information, we hope you can choose at least one among the top 10 Lan Ha Bay cruises above. Wish you a good holiday at this pristine destination!

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