How to choose the best 3 days 2 nights Halong Bay cruise

In the previous article, Vivu Halong introduced to you details guide for two days 1-night Halong Bay cruise. In this article, we review the 3 days and 2 nights Halong Bay cruise tour package. If you are planning to travel to Ha Long and stay onboard for 2 nights, or not decide to stay 1 night or 2 nights on Halong Bay, you should read this article. 

3 day 2 night  Halong Bay cruise, the longer exciting experience 

Compared to the two days and 1-night trip, the 3 days  2 nights schedule on Halong Bay overnight cruise tour are not too different. However, you will have a more exciting experience as well as enjoy the natural scenery for a longer time.

The three days and two nights schedule on Halong Bay overnight cruise is a package tour. You will not have to worry about transportation, accommodation, meals. All service are covered in this tour.

With the 3 days 2 nights cruise tour, you will board the cruise, and enjoy all the services lasting from noon of the first day until noon of the 3rd day.

Depending on the route you choose, you will depart at different ports to visit the bay. With the cruise route to visit Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, you can depart from Tuan Chau Marina and Hon Gai harbor. If touring Lan Ha and Cat Ba routes, you need to leave from Got ferry or Tuan Chau Marina

If you come from Hanoi, you can follow the specific schedule as follows: the journey will start at 08:00 am from Hanoi and go to the pick-up point at 11:30 am. You will conduct check-in and embark. Next, you can take a break, enjoy meals, as well as take part in all activities on board for three days. After that, by 11:00 pm noon of the 3rd day, you can check-out. Finally, you will get in the car and come back to Hanoi at 4:00 pm.

Experiences and attractions when joining 3 days 2-night cruise 

As introduced in the previous section, the three days and two nights schedule on Halong Bay overnight cruise are not too different compared to the two days and one-night cruise tour. However, you will be able to visit more places, discover more exciting activities. Some activities and typical attractions in the three days and two nights journey can be followed as:


Most travel agencies have events to visit Ha Long Bay by kayaking. You will be guided to the boat and visit the natural water wave scenery.

If you are a professional paddle, this activity is exciting. As for those who have never experienced, it would be fine, because the tour guide will lead you enthusiastically. After that, you can control the kayak as you want.

Kayaking on Halong Bay, an exciting experience
Kayaking on Halong Bay, an exciting experience

Visiting the island, and the cave

In Ha Long Bay’s population, there are thousands of small and large islands. You will visit many famous places. Specifically:

Visit Titov island, relax on the beach and climb up to the peak
Visit Titov island, relax on the beach and climb up to the peak

Visiting fishing village

The fishing village is a very prominent destination in the journey to discover Ha Long by the yacht. You can find the beauty of culture as well as learn about local community living in Halong Bay. Exciting activities in the fishing village as fishing, participating in farm fishing. Besides, you can also buy local seafood to support fishers. After that, you can thank the cook on the cruise to savor the flavorful dishes of the sea.

Vung Vieng fishing village (Bai Tu Long Bay), Cua Van fishing village, and Ba Hang fishing village (Halong Bay)   are three main fishing villages, attracting many tourists. During the journey of discovery, you should remember to visit them to feel the beauty of nature as well as people in here!

Visit floating village on Halong Bay
Visit a floating village on Halong Bay

Price for Halong Bay 3 day 2-night cruise

The price for 3-day 2-night cruise package will cover all the service including transportation, accommodation, meals, entrance ticket, outdoor activities… The drinks and other personal expense will be an extra fee. Vivu Halong has been a partner with more than 30 cruise operators on Halong Bay, here is our suggestion for the price of 3 days 2-night cruise that you can take as reference: ( the price per person, based on twin sharing)

  • The price for a budget 3 day 2-night cruise is from 180 USD/ person  
  • The price for a 3-star 3 day 2-night cruise is from 220 USD/ person 
  • The price for a 4-star 3 day 2-night cruise is from 280 USD/ person 
  • The price for a 5-star 3 day 2-night cruise is from 350 USD/ person 

Facilities on the luxury vessels, just like a 5 -star hotel 

Like a  five-star hotel, the system of facilities on the vessel is guaranteed to be in synchronous and most convenient from bedrooms, dining rooms to restaurants, bars for customers.

The area of the bedroom is large and clean and comfortable. All rooms have full-frame windows overlooking the sea. You can relax, read books, and admire the immense bay space. With the five-star cruise, the bathroom will have the Jacuzzi tub, relaxing massage area to bring a sense of relaxation.

The system of facilities on the vessels simulates like 5-star hotels

The restaurant system, bar counter are served 24/7 with delicious food and drinks. Also, if you want to entertain, the yacht has an age-based play area and a new mini-golf course.

The cabin on the yacht is designed extensively, mostly made of the wood. Not only the cabin has expressed the luxury and class but also created a very cozy and warm space on the board. You can enjoy the most pleasant and comfortable stay.

Suite cabin on luxury cruise
Suite cabin on a luxury cruise

Catering service for the 3 days and 2 nights journey on Halong Bay cruise tour

Because of booking a package tour, customers do not need to worry about meals. During 3 days and 2 nights journey, you can enjoy four main meals and two breakfasts on the cruise with a varied and rich menu.

Breakfast on the board usually serve from 7:00 to 08:30 am.  Besides, the tour price covers meals, and if you want to use drinks like wine, beer or soft drinks, you must pay according to the external invoice, and not included in the tour.

A quick note that is the price of drinks on board is more expensive than in the mainland. 

Dining service on Halong bay luxury cruise
Dining service on Halong bay luxury cruise

Sightseeing routes for the 3 days and 2 nights itinerary

Currently, Halong Bay 3 days and 2 nights cruise have 3 main routes, including Ha Long, Bai Tu Long, and Lan Ha Bay – Cat Ba island. Each tour has its advantages, and you can learn the beauty and unique landscape that the cruise passes.

Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay
Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay

The cruise route to visit Halong Bay

The journey to the center of Ha Long Bay is the popular route with famous visiting sites: Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, Stone Dog Islet (Hon Cho Da), Dinh Huong Islet, Trong Mai Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Ti Top Island. Soi Sim Island, Me Cung Cave. 

The cruise starts from Tuan Chau Marina harbor, hundred of cruising boat area operating in this center area.

The cruise route to visit  Bai Tu Long Bay

This journey is to visit an eastern part of ​​Halong Bay, named Bai Tu Long Bay. It is a large area, more quiet and less touristic than the center area. The cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay brings you to visit Thien Canh Son Cave, Cong Do, Cap La fishing Village, Thay Cave, Vung Vieng floating fishing village. 

The cruise starts from Hon Gai habor or Halong International cruise port

The cruise route to visit  Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba

This journey is new in recent years. Lan Ha Bay is in the south of Ha Long Bay, close to ​​Cat Ba archipelago. The visiting sites include Luon Cave, Ba Ham lake, Nam Cat Island, Monkey Island, Bright, and Dark Cave… 

The cruise starts from Got pier (Hai Phong), some other cruise operators choose to depart from Tuan Chau habor.

A luxury cruise on Lan Ha Bay
A luxury cruise on Lan Ha Bay

Cruise & tours recommendation 

With an increasing number of customers coming to Ha Long, many boats are selling the 3 days and 2 nights cruise tour such as:

  • Paradise Cruise
  • Bhaya Cruise 
  • Dragon Legend Cruise
  • Indochina Sails Cruise
  • Starlight Cruise
  • Mon Cheri Cruise
  • Era Cruise

These cruise vessels are the four and five-star quality cruise, as well as highly appreciated by the tourists, including the modern facilities, professional, enthusiastic and thoughtful staff. You will experience the most luxurious and classy service among the large sea waves. More cruise option (with detail itinerary and rate) listed on Halong Bay luxury cruise collection by Vivu Halong. 

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